Things to avoid

They are ugly talk styles out there, dangerous to both a speaker's reputation and an audience's well-being. 

Common traps

Here are four to steer clear of at all costs.

Give a sales pitch. Talking about a series of businesses that had apparently made a significant leap forward as a results of buying your product or service are not what the audience. Our community wants practical course, tips or ideas now and certainly not listening to someone saying if you hire me, I will get you that. It, of course, apples to product demo.

Give a consultant teaser. You want to build a reputation as a generous person, bringing something wonderful to your audience, not as tedious self-promoter trying to get booking or sell a book. So, don't try to tease the audience with your consulting services without sharing any substance.;

The ramble: "As I was driving down here wondering what to say to you..." There followed an unfocused list of observations about possible futures, nothing obnoxious. Nothing that was particularly hard to understand. But also no arguments of power. No revelations. No aha moments. No takeaways. The audience won't basically learn anything.

The org bore: An organisation is fascinating to those who work for it - and deeply boring to almost else. Sorry, but it's true. Any course framed around the exceptional history of your company and the complex-but-oh-so-impressive way it is structured, and the fabulously photogenic quality of the astonishingly talented team working with you, and how much success your product are having, is going got leave the audience stop watching at the starting line. It may be interesting to you and your team. But, alas, we don't work there.

Safety tips

- You wear headsets of any kind
- You wear sunglasses (except if with disability)
- You don't show confidence in what you are saying
- You don’t get to the point
- You are shouting
- You don’t have a through-line
- You patronise the audience
- You don't show empathy and/or stay humble
- You speak too fast (140 -160 words per minute)
- You don’t breath or pause for a long time
- You don't smile, show that you are happy and positive
- You curse, and you actually think it’s “cool”. It’s not.
- You don’t make it personal to your own experience
- You create something that does not fit your personality

Some examples of objectionable content include:

- Any kind of bigoted, racist, sexist, or homophobic references
- Sexual or pornographic material
- Comments inciting religious intolerance
- Erroneous and false information
- Clothe with appearing branding
- Smoking
- Eating while talking
- Sexual references
- Cursing words
- Non-english language