Getting Started

Hello! Wow, you are here. It means a lot to us. Why? Because, we cannot to see what you are going to produce and share with the community. Ok, just to a quick reminder, is an online community that brings hoteliers and hospitality professionals together to learn about guest experience. The goal of Hotelhouse is to create the number one online/remote hospitality school in the world, with accessible learning plans for new and experienced hoteliers. It's only been a few months, but we're fired up to continue building the Hotelhouse team, our community, and our learning content around the world,

If you are reading this, you are getting started to help us build a curated video library of hospitality guest experience online course, idea, experience, story, tips and trends. Our hospitality professional members are sharing how they have created powerful guest experiences in their properties and help inspire others. We also want to help showcase how real travel and hospitality tech startups improve guest experience through technology.

Can I be an instructor?

Anyone can be an instructor and publish courses on Hotelhouse. We soon realised that learning does not stop after school and we keep learning so much during our work experience. Often not just with our direct management but also with peers, colleagues or people under us. Don't be afraid, you don’t need a certain level of management or have any specific education certifications to start submitting a course. We actually prefer content who are living their course on a daily basis with authenticity.