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Why Young People Don't Want To Work For You (unranked)

They are not sheeps

They are not sheeps

1. No clarity on your company purpose. Why was my organization started in the first place? Be profitable, generate revenue, go IPO, expand to 1000 employee or the increase the number of offices are  not example of company purpose. Some good examples here


2. Have a mission statement that you actually understand and not overstated.  


3. No entrepreneurial culture in your company. Give people time to implement good ideas and guide them. Also let people fail, remove the fear of doing mistake. 


4. Your communication about changing the world, giving to charities, treating people with respect just seems pure PR manipulation. Don’t do it just to advertise it on social media.


5. You give employee benefits that you are legally obliged. Redefine the definition of generosity within your company. Give Netflix, Spotify, free gym, Oyster...


6. Your definition of failure is equal to “you’re fired”.


7. You do boring staff parties, you do employee of the month with a £2 Amazon voucher, give a plasma tv for someone who did 10 years in your company. That’s not near to be enought.


8. ”You have to spend money to make money”. The same applies to people. Give rewards, give promotions and don’t even start counting


9. You don’t give them a Mac, Netflix and a Spotify account


10. You are not curious about skills that have not seen before or you don’t understand.


11. Your C- levels and directors are unaccessible, too important, too busy or too smart


12. Young people don’t really care about company profit, they care about if your brand is growing, is sexy and actually works.