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How to make Millennials Want to Work in Your Hotel? 2 things to do in 2019


Let’s face it. The hospitality industry is struggling to attract and retain talents, especially millennials.

Why would Millennials not want to start a career in hospitality? We asked 1000 millennials in London.

39.7% and 38% mentioned below are included within the 32% would not start a career in hospitality. 

39.7% and 38% mentioned below are included within the 32% would not start a career in hospitality. 

1 . Make it interesting

39.7% are not interested. They want a job that fuels their sense of purpose and make them feel important like they usually say. The hospitality industry does not usually give this impression.

Some random tips to retain millennials:

  • Give them the responsibility to things they know the best: technology and social network.
  • Promote on social media and your website your managers not just your general manager. They like to be video interview!
  • Make them feel proud and help them to show off who their are working for. Why would they be proud or happy to show off their new employee? Please don’t say because your restaurant has the best meat in the city or because you are ranked number 1 on tripadvisor...that’s what you say to attract to customer not employee. You should tell things like “we are the only or first employer to give Netflix and Spotify membership to all our employee”, “the employer to organise the first employer to guarantee paid equality between gender.
  • Challenge everything your HR department or head of department are doing for the staff and innovate and be generous. Your little cafeteria lunch party for Halloween or Christmas is probably outdated. Try to get inspiration from Facebook, Google or Wework and you would be surprise to know that they don’t necessarily invest a lot of money but use creativity of their staff to make it happy

2. Increase salary

38% because of the low salary and it is true, according to JRF hospitality is the worst sector for low pay. Chefs, housekeeping, restaurant staff will leave your company for £5 or £10 per month. 

Some random tips to retain millennials:

  • Be proactive in terms of salary increase or bonuses. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Remember, only 5% will come to you and ask for a salary increase. The other 95% will simply hunt a new job.
  • Give smaller increase but more often. Every semester or quarter if you can. And yes, it will require more HR admin work but do want to keep them or not?

Please feel free to contact and ask for some more tips :)