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Sponsored Career Opportunities Guidelines

Hotelhouse only advertises hospitality brand with a purpose or a motivating mission that inspires quality work
 where employees will have a sense of purpose and understand the impact they make
. Also a strong culture and a clearly defined and shared set of values that foster community
. Hospitality brand advertising career opportunities needs to be authentic and with an open and clear communication, from the top down
. And where honest feedback is valued and encouraged
. Finally and most importantly, we are very selective at brand given employee rewards – As well as information on the salary candidates can expect to receive you should also look to point out some of the key benefits and perks they can look forward to. What would make them want to apply for your role rather than a similar position with a competitor? Rewards don't have to be financial so think about what flexible working programmes, team outings or child day care options your company offers.

Sponsored Content Guidelines want to define defining the future of hospitality. That mindset is reflected in our editorial content, and is something we extend to our sponsored content as well. We hold all of our content to a high standard and value our readers, which is why we’ll work with you to perfect the messaging of your campaign.