Let's learn about hospitality together.

We are an online community that brings hoteliers and hospitality professionals together to learn and grow every day!


First up, you'll be greeted with a lotta emojis.

As a remote community we can't exactly hug each other, so our members do the emoji equivalent and welcome new members with open arms, thumbs up, and starry eyes. No worries, you will get addicted to them too.


Learn together, get feedback and ask questions on specific channels.

Our community learn from each other everyday. We've setup channels to directly influence conversation and encourage our community to quickly learn from each other.


Learn from anywhere

Our learning videos and bootcamps are fully remote. Not only is this cost effective for members but it ensures our members are from around the world, cultivating a diverse learning environment. We love it and will always be remote.

Time to connect

Online events

Hotelhouse members around the world organize meet-ups, lunch and learns, webinars, workshops, and Friday game to meet each other and share what they’ve learn or achieve lately. Yes, remotely.