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What is Hotelhouse?


More than 80% of hospitality students won't enter the hospitality industry at the end of their studies. Staff Turn over in hospitality industry is higher than any other industries. We want to radically change that! has several different aspects from most of the job boards such as focusing on perks, build around our growing community of the smartest, passionate and humble hoteliers.

Found incredible candidates and many opportunities found there - Alex

I was tired of looking for career opportunities on the same job board that offers no employee benefits and I found - Alba


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We have a growing community of 7,000 hoteliers. It's a place where companies and talents connect. Advertise with us for 10$ per job ad and for 60 days. We can redirect applications to any HR softwares or directly to your mailbox, your call! We, also, offer free & unlimited job ads if you offer 5 out of 10 employee benefits mentioned below.


 So much amazing content but so little time to read?

Join over 500 senior hoteliers & marketers from the world’s leading brands. The Modern Hoteliers Book Club is designed for ambitious hoteliers & marketers who are hungry to learn but fundamentally short on time. We share bitesize insight from the books we read so you can understand the big ideas fast and put them into action.

 Badass And Enthusiast Hoteliers Community

This community is a challenge to hoteliers & marketers to provide cutting-edge tactics and strategies. Low tolerance for promotional content (Jobs, lead to an email capture form, Hotel promotions, "check out my blog post!"…etc.) Why create the group? It's fun to work companies :) and provides a valuable making-friends opportunity. This community is intended for original content preferably native to Facebook. Who is this group for? Action takers. And...that's it. Let the games begin. Have fun guys!